All Project descriptions Blog posts with skills HTML developed a corporate web site for U.S. Information Technologies, Inc. in 2007. U.S. Intech is an American-Canadian consultancy intended to assist in creating partnerships between technology producers in Eastern Europe and customers in North America.


The company was started by Jack Carrier. The spark for his idea can be partly attributed to his nearly 14 year old Chocolate Lab that is persistent in one thing: wandering off. One evening she wondered off with out-dated tags that resulted in a complicated web of phone calls and worry before she was finally returned.

Skills: developed community site from November 2008 to March 2009. Geography junkies form the target group of the site. provides them with the opportunity to share their articles about certain places and visualize those with relevant maps.   

Skills: web site was designed by the team in 2008. is a hybrid of sales and informational technology; it offers a rich catalogue of relevant construction materials and instruments, which buyers can order on-line.

Skills: designed this web site in 2008. "Vit-polimer" is a producer of plastic items, based in Chisinau, Moldova.

Skills: by provides with possibility to track the achievements of school students using simple and accessible service.

Skills: is one of the most ambitious and complex works of the team, who developed the site for Planet Insider GmbH, a young Munich-based enterprise. is a Web 2.0 initiative representing a hybrid of a social network (community) and educational site aimed at users of different age and background. "The Financial Times Deutschland" named one of the most expensive educational eLearning projects developed in 2008.

Skills: is a Spanish news site developed by in 2008. Web site is developed with Drupal CMS. The site features light design with a limited number of colors used (white-red-gray combination). Much of free space pleases viewers' eyes.

Skills: developed by is a site for those who appreciate living healthy: it provides interactive multi-field suggestions on exercises and diet.