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The company was started by Jack Carrier. The spark for his idea can be partly attributed to his nearly 14 year old Chocolate Lab that is persistent in one thing: wandering off. One evening she wondered off with out-dated tags that resulted in a complicated web of phone calls and worry before she was finally returned.

Skills: developed a corporate web site for U.S. Information Technologies, Inc. in 2007. U.S. Intech is an American-Canadian consultancy intended to assist in creating partnerships between technology producers in Eastern Europe and customers in North America.

Skills: designed a web site for ‘Traders Nation’ in 2006. is a U.S. based on-line radio aimed at financial industry workers. The site features a dynamic design in ‘Star-Spangled’ tones, extensive animation and laconic interface.

Skills: is a system which allows users to share audio content. It consists of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system integrated to a Web-site.

Content owners can upload or record audio content and organize structure of their audio files via web-site. Listeners can browse, search, listen and rate audio content directly on web-site or by calling to IVR.

Skills: developed by is a site for those who appreciate living healthy: it provides interactive multi-field suggestions on exercises and diet.