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More than thousand of Wordpress blogs are already infected by malware, which was embedded into automatic update script wp-admin/includes/update.php earlier.

Skills: is an official web page of Russian boiler producer. Site is developed with Wordpress CMS. Ladela Interactive developed it in 2011. 

Skills: is developed with Wordpress CMS. Site is a page of a travel agency. It stands out with a pretty attractive design.


Web site developed by Ladela Interactive for the South American touristic agency. Body of the site is developed on CMS created by us, site’s blog is developed on WordPress CMS. We started collaborating with Dragon de la Patagonia in 2011 and we support them so far.

Skills: is a photo gallery, developed by Ladela Interactive for a Spanish photographer. We developed it in 2011, using Symfony framework. Blog of is developed based on Wordpress CMS and visually differs from the site.